The problem is not out there, its you


“Shes hotter than me. Shes dressed up well, why dont you date her ?.. seriously shes sexy.. why me ? What do you like about me ?”
This is one most turn off pessimist, low self esteemed, insecure female would do. Men hate it when women lower themselves way too much. Why would men want to be with women who would only abuse and criticise  herself all the time  ?
“God I look so stupid.”
” Do you think I should plastic surgery or implants, its really  small isnt it ?”
” I look like a moron, how can you love me ? ”
And it goes on and on and on….
So many complaints about one body, never any appreciation.
Its not your body, its not how people look or think of you the way you think you do, its not the food, its not your boyfriend….. its YOU ! Your mindset. No one thinks your too fat or short or big nosed or has alot of stretch marks… its  all you..
There are many healthy people who carry themselves  way better than skinny bodies. They look sexy because they are so confident and comfortable  with their self. They have accepted who they are ! And is in peace with their mind and body. Its all one perception..
“Why do I have alot of hair on my hands and legs ? ”
Remove all that makeup. Beauty requires no cosmetics and be yourself. Embrace it !
“Let no one  tell you, you aint beautiful”- Eminem
Dont let yourself down in public,  thats when everyone  feels like they have a right to judge you. 
You is smart
You is beautiful
And you is kind.


The best b’ies – boobies


” you may lose 130 pounds if you break up with him.”

Guys who are into girls  with big boobs are definitely infactuated with a girls body  and not the “whole” her (self). They dont last that long.
Men can be really nasty. If they love you, size wouldnt matter. Even if your flat screen.

But now, with the invention of padded bras, women tend to wear bigger  padded bras and try to fake and cover whats underneath  it. Does this all make sense ? Why do we need guys to pay attention  to the air thats filled in the bras other than the sense put in your brains. Are there alot of beauty without brains out there  ? Or having big boobs raise ones self esteem ?

If you have it flaunt it, if not still flaunt what you  have.
Tell men out there to stop  staring at it.. if they are not in for your size, then they will  wait around much longer before dating you.

Self obessesed or narcissism ?


Is it me or does everyone on instagram looks like kim kardashian ? So much of pouting, poses and alot of exposure. Most of the instagram users usually take more than two selfies in a week to update their profile. Its crazy right ? But everyone including men are so into taking a pic of themselves and edit it with #hashtags and wait for people to like  or comment on the pic.
“But first let me take a selfie” has become  common among the youth and celebs. People love taking a pic of their  body or a specific body part, its mostly common among people who have high self esteem. The above photo is a pic of me, badly taken. Well my tab is really big andi didnt want people to see my face, so the tab did pretty fine for me. I didnt even know what kind of expression should I have on my face while taking pic of myself semi topless for the first time.
The reason why I took that was because I was happy for the fact that I put on weight. I had lost tremendous weight  in the past few months and I did look anorexic. I was depressed, so I lost my appetite and fell sick and eventually  lost alot of weight. To go back to my daily routine, was really tough and then I started to hog on whatever  I had or didnt even have on my plate i.e on others plate. I put on a little weight  and then I got  a pouch. I have never been this happy. Thats the whole reason why I put a pic like that up, To flaunt  my little fat.
“It’s all about that bass” – you dont have to have the perfect shape, you just gotto be happy with what you have, not too much and not too little. Its not all about the curves. Its how you carry yourself even if your anorexic or an obese. Believe  me, they do carry themselves really well. Its all in your head.  People need to exercise their mind and not the body all the time. If you think size 0 is in shape then your  definitely  digging your grave. It has alot of side effects, so dont take  your  body for granted. Nurture it, pamper yourself as much as you can or want to, coz you only live  and love yourself once. Stay healthy, stay fit.
“I’m sexy and I know it” – mostly said by men than women. My colleague would always take a selfie of himself with someone else or alone, when the picture is captured, he always says “damn why am I so hot man ?” He loves talking about himself and also loves people taking his picture. Basically he loves himself more than anything and he believes that the world wouldnt what is now, without him.

This is all him on instagram ! Why are you so thin man ? -_-

Praises! Fake or true


Dont you just love it when people compliment  you even when you least expect it ? Its funny how people praise you on the basis of ones looks or talent. But are the compliments really true or is it just to get something out of it ?
Praising or complimenting a person makes one happy and even changes the mood of the person from sad or gloomy to happy and cheerful. Now a days, people know how to actually compliment a person. Its not that the person  actually looks good or performs well, it is because the person who is actually complimenting  the other person is to get something from the other person. For example wow ! You are looking pretty today. I love what your wearing. Where  did you buy this from ? Well I wanted to ask you, can I borrow your notes? …. and my friend was like I have been wearing this shirt for the past 3 years and she noticed  it now….
Well actually she wanted to get something and her praises meant nothing, she just wanted to flatter my friend into getting the notes. Many of us face such situations and there are  chances that we get tricked to get into bed with men.
Well are praises become a game played by many of us, where we butter up our bosses so that they will think of us during promotion  ? Or do we praise someone to get into someones pants ?
None of the praises are genuine unless someone really loves you that  is your parents, siblings, close friends or even boyfriends  or girlfriends.
It is funny when you think about it, but actually, think about it. When have you been praised where the other person doesnt ask for a favour? When the next person praises you, ask him or her what does he or she want ? They will be shocked coz they werent expectin it at all. ^_^

Oh that tastes good !


The latest craze which many of us have tasted in the most famous coffee house, starbucks is Java Moch Chip. There is something unique in this drink, where most of the “not so crazy” coffee lovers tend to buy. I, for one am not a big fan of coffee or tea, end up in starbucks drinking this drink. One will never find the taste and the coolness of the Java chip anywhere, you name it Cafe Coffee Day, Coffee beans or barista, etc, etc. Like I said im not a big fan of coffee, so I wouldnt find such cafe houses appealing and thats what starbucks has done, which makes it more profitable, other than just having a name to it. ^_^

A poem for afghan

I have read most of khaled’s books. His work is famous worldwide. The ‘kite runner’ is one of my favourite, so is ‘a thousand splendid suns’, which made me sob the whole night. We read alot of stories in magazines and articles online about Afghanistan,  the problems and terror they face. After reading his books I wrote a poem, which took some time to put it  together. Everyday people from around the world are fighting for their religion, which has created a barrier for all of us. Its time we all realised that, all of us are ‘Humans’ afterall, with God or without.

The life they live,
Their souls held captive.
The terrors they face,
Their hearts still beats together in one race.
The horror nights
And the bloodless fights.
The famous poems untold
As the war unfolds
No cries heard
Their faith and dignity conquered.
There is no one to blame
But those who take thy name.
The world is filled with digust and shame.
Humanity lost its meaning
People are still day dreaming
Words are spoken through fire
No supernatural can satire
This is all in the name of religion
When it has no vision.

Work and play

This year has truly been the most depressing year of my life. A failed relationship, no job and a fresher, a big bummer for just being a graduate in economics. Knocked on the doors of every companies, big or small, name or no name at all, the issue they had was that im a fresher. Employment opportunities is so tight here in India that people are studying knowing the fact that they wont get to work in their field. Many end up becoming freelancers in something they are good at, like photography or makeup artists. Well, whats the use of studying so much ! ?
So I had three options either to do modelling, join the airlines or BPO. Although I hate taking photos and putting on makeup the first two was already ticked out. I was left with the BPO. So I joined a BPO which deals with the tv setup box. Its a UK based company. All we had to do is answer calls, try to resolve their issues, take payment, setup a payment method, change the payment due date and also do sales, on the phone. Well it is a bit boring and we get paid peanuts as I am a fresher. The staff is pretty nice but the facilities that are offered to us is very poor.
Although my parents never wanted me to join a BPO and never even forced me to work, I just didnt want to sit at home and do nothing. It was depressing staying at home. Although I needed to divert my mind, as I just got over a relationship. I was not actually over a relationship, I was still in love with the guy, but apparently his ex came back and he had feelings for her, which left me shattered. So I needed to do something that would get my mind off him.
So back to the BPO, I am working for almost 2 months now and I am tired of the schedule. We have rotational shifts and we have to be prepared for anytime that is given to us. I made alot of friends over here. I am planning on leaving the job by the end of this month and try to join somewhere else. Not a BPO per say.
Oh and yes ! I met a guy, his name is kevin Tavaris. I do like him alot. Not sure if he likes me the same way I do and we have a great time together.  I always keep waiting for the next day to see him.  He did tell me once that he likes me more than a friend. But there is someone else, from his area, who he has known for three years and fell in love with her. But they arent in a relationship and isnt planning on being in a relationship, I can never understand why. But I do like him alot. This year is a big bummer.